A Fistful of Misanthropes

An old playtest of Savage Worlds' 50 Fathoms setting, as run by Noah! Come listen to us all be horrible jerks to another of his early GM experiences, as a ragtag crew of no-good salty dogs faces off again troubles on the high seas!

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In 1991, elements of the Soviet government staged a coup to remove Mikhail Gorbachev from power, in an event largely held to be responsible for the end of the Soviet Union. Unknown to many, however, are the exploits of an elite Spetnaz team dispatched during this tumultuous period to a remote nuclear silo, in an operation known only as White 36...

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The runners cut a deal with An Peng and confront the neo-facists to teach them a lesson or two about their feelings on Nazis. Also, Kyle has SEXY FUN ADVENTURES!

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The 'runners find themselves hired by neo-facists to take out (and pose as!) another runner team, in order to accept another job from a familiar face: Lin Yao, of the White Lotus Triad. Her job? To assassinate An Peng and kidnap an important Triad smuggler!

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