A Fistful of Misanthropes

In 2008, an intense icestorm strikes the city of Lafontaine, Missouri. During the crisis, DELTA GREEN receives notice that one of their GREEN BOXES has been breached and sends a hastily-organized team, CELL "Q", to investigate. Unfortunately, they are inexperienced and unprepared for what has been released...

Another No Security scenario by Caleb Stokes of Hebanon Games!

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The Misanthropes are proud(?) to present a series of actual-play recordings! Come listen to us play a variety of tabletop games! This special episode uses the One Roll Engine's Dirty World setting!

In post-war Berlin, 1946, a joint team of Russian and American investigators, each with their own motivations and goals, join forces to investigate a pair of similar mother-child murders. Can they put aside their own selfish ambitions to find justice? A Dirty World scenario penned by Caleb Stokes of Hebanon Games!

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