A Fistful of Misanthropes

Time for a BTL-induced drug trip as Kyle stumbles through a VR haze while fighting off the Triad and maybe some bithead hobos! YAY!

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An old acquaintance--and member of the Casquilho Mafia--needs a little help from the 'runners with getting out of a double-murder charge! Is there more to this mystery than what it seems?

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The shadowrun comes to a thrilling conclusion on the highways, as the 'runners find themselves in a moving battle to hold off the Godz while defending the Ghostriders and their precious haul! Plus, bar antics!

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Corporate Espionage! Legwork! Gang contacts! And maybe something will actually get done at some point! Probably not!

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The Misanthropes headed to Durham, NC for the Escapist Expo this year! While we were there, we made a spur-of-the-moment decision to run an impromptu game of Call of Cthulhu using Hebanon Games' newest scenario, the Wives of March! Despite having nearly no prep time, the game came out pretty well! Thanks again to all of our players! :)

(This was a game played in a somewhat-crowded room with regular foot traffic, so please forgive the audio quality. It gets better towards the end once people start clearing out.)

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It's back to business as usual for the 'runners! An outstanding job has them involved in a campaign of corporate sabotage against a manufacturing plant. Of course, what should be a relatively straightforward job proves to anything but; at least some new friends might prove to make things easier ... provided the 'runners do them a small favor first!

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July 1933, Barefoot Crossing, Georgia... A Methodist preacher by the name of Dashell March has been murdered. While the community mourns, March's will is called into question, and his murderer still remains free. A handful of investigators, each working for a different employer, each with their own motivations, set out to unravel the truth behind the mystery. The question is: what secrets are the Marsh family hiding?

Another fantastic No Security scenario by Caleb Stokes of Hebanon Games! 

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The final part of the metaplanar quest! The 'runners confront the architect behind the astral storm, as well as all the trials they've faced so far! But what are his reasons behind his actions? And what awaits the 'runners upon their return to the real world ... assuming they make it back at all!

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Things are getting more and more metaphysical as the 'runners face their innermost fears, repressed memories, and incarnations of their own vices as they gather before the mysterious Tower That Pierces The Heavens...

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The 'runners enter the Pueblo metaplanes and encounter kachina spirits who send them on a quest that pits them against their greatest threat yet ... their own fears and doubts.

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