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A Fistful of Misanthropes

Nov 18, 2011

Join the Total Misanthropy crew in a seminal show about... stuff. Mostly stuff we hate. Mostly stuff that we like that we hate, and that we like hating and hate liking. It's a wild ride, folks.

Games, games, games! We rant about games we've played, shows we've watched, and the absurd amount of money Chris has spent on Magic cards! More of the usual, really!

0:00:21 - Intro/More Star Trek

0:02:45 - Getting On/Off Track?

0:18:00 - Walking Dead

0:27:33 - Desu Ecks

0:30:37 - The Set Up

0:30:45 - The Punch Line

0:43:15 - RAEG

1:05:45 - Citrus

1:07:04 - Magic and Chris' Addiction

1:25:22 - Daemonifuge

1:30:28 - SPESS MAHREEN and MMOs

1:48:45 - Space Marine is not Gears of War is not Resident Evil

1:52:07 - GAME OF THE YEAR 2011