A Fistful of Misanthropes

Lin Yao is back, and she's got a job offer for the team that they just can't refuse! The consequences of this job could be severe, not just for the runners, but for all of Denver! Also there's a new guy! And whatever happened to that Dragon Stone dealie, eh?!

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The continuing mission of mayhem and sabotage of XCR culminates in a mad clash of firepower and explosives at a private airstrip in a cornfield! We get stupid in this one!

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After the mania of the previous run, it's back to business-as-usual for the team. The Koshari quickly hire them for a series of runs against the XCR corporation. One week. An unknown number of runs. Orphanbane. It's good to be back.

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A lead finally pays off, and with the help of both old friends and new, the runners conduct a dangerous infiltration into an Ares Macrotechnology black site in search of Tenebrous. What they find, however, is far more chilling. The question is, can they get out alive to tell the world about it?

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Kyle attempts to track down Doris, only to find some unsettling truths. Meanwhile, a familiar face offers the runners a way out of their Koshari situation ... though of course, the solution comes with problems of its own!

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A milkrun for the Koshari goes swimmingly for the team ... but when they go to get paid, they find their Johnson dead, and they're the prime suspects! Worse, it looks like he was actually working for the ZDF as an informant! Now the pressure is on to find out what really happened ... as if the team didn't have enough on their plates!

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In the downtime between runs, Kyle tries to track down the whereabouts of Alexis/Tenebrous, while Henry digs himself deeper into his side job at the head of the Denver branch of the Halloweeners. A storm is brewing on the horizon...

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Hot on the trail of the Vory smuggling operation, the 'runners find themselves at an abandoned mall ... only now it's an operation being run by Tamanous! What is the connection between Tamanous and the Vory? Will the 'runners survive long enough to find out?

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The 'runners are tasked to gather information about a smuggling operation. The trail goes from a bar to a cold storage unit  ... and to the group's old friends: the Vory.

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Things are getting hairy as the survivors start to recover their memories and discover the horrors that have been unleashed in the facility. The only question now is whether or not they can get out alive ... and sane.

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